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Oil paint from natural minerals in Latvia


Calcined earth colour pigments

Binding agent: Linseed oil

Hiding power (75 μm film): opaque

LAB (D65/10)

L* 16.4, a* 19.4, b* 19.7, C* 27.7, h45.4


Oil paint from

natural minerals in Latvia

earth colour deposit:



University of Latvia Foundation

The patron SIA “Mikrotīkls”

Earth colour project

At the beginning of 2016, a pilot project was started at the Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences of the University of Latvia to examine earth colour deposits in Latvia, to develop pigments, oil paints and high quality artist paints from natural Latvian materials with the same technological characteristics as the paints available on the art market, and to create pigment powder in different natural shades with a granulometric content suitable for the requirements of the art market. The examination of earth colour resources included a quality assessment and the provision of technological equipment and processes to ensure the processing

procedure from earth colour to pigments. Additional tasks included the formulation of oil paint, a paint quality assessment, supplying the paint to artists for product quality assessment in practice, designing the product packaging and organising the information campaign to publish the results – these were the initial research project tasks that were carried out successively for more than three years. High quality Latvian artist oil paint was developed from natural mineral resources with assistance from artists. The raw materials used to create pigments from each region are unique, created in natural processes. Latvian oil paint is unique in its

shades and different from alternative imported paints, which means that greater choice can be offered to the art market, and paint from Latvian soil should be used. The following results were achieved upon completion of the project: development of the technology and method for obtaining pigments with granulometric composition of 6 – 10 μm, oil paint (burnt ochre), packaging design, website ( and a film to show the research process were developed. Artists have created several paintings with the prototype of the finished paint; pigments have been used to create egg tempera paint for painting icons.




University of Latvia Foundation

The patron SIA “Mikrotīkls”